COFFEE The history of coffee tells the tale of a humble goatherd named Kaldi who noticed his goats behaved in an unusual way when they ate the red berries of a certain plant - they became excited and very energetic, leaping about and frolicking. So Kaldi, without giving it much thought tried the fruit himself and shortly thereafter his fatigue was gone and he felt full of energy. Seeing this, he rushed to a nearby monastery taking some of the berries with him, and told the Abbott what had happened and gave him some of the fruit, to see if he recognized them. The Abbott made a drink by boiling a few of the berries, but the resulting brew was very bitter and undrinkable, Annoyed, he threw the rest of the berries into a fire and the delightful and unique aroma that arose gave him the idea of making a different beverage using the roasted berries, and then he was enchanted by the flavour and aroma of this drink. 

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    This is one of the many legends of how the beverage of coffee was born or discovered. And, just like this one, there are many legends that have claimed to be the truth regarding the discovery of coffee, and whether or not they may in actual fact be the truth, it is true that coffee sprung from its country of origin - Ethiopia - to take over the world with its wonderful aroma and flavour, and that, at this present time, some 1.4 thousand million cups of it are drunk each and every day, a figure only topped by water, which is a vast amount for a beverage which had its humble origins in a remote corner of the world. 

    Present-day researchers and scientists, presumably fascinated by this most satisfying beverage, have carried out hundreds of research studies showing the benefits of coffee towards improving health and increasing physical and intellectual performance, as well as increasing our energy, concentration, mental quickness and the preservation of our memory capabilities, amongst other properties. 

     But, the truth be said, people just drink coffee for its satisfying good flavour and for the feeling of well- being that comes with it. With all of this background in mind, and also with that of another wonderful plant - Amaranth or Bledo - CAFE AMARANTO is born - with all of the goodness of both plants and the incomparable taste of a great coffee. Amaranth is a plant with one of the most balanced nutritional make-ups of any food: it is a nutritionally complete food that also acts as an oxygen carrier to the cells of the body and the brain while also acting as an antioxidant, according to recent research.  
    CAFE AMARANTO is a blend of the finest Arabica coffees from Brazil and Colombia and an especially-treated Amaranto, from which we produce a cup of coffee that contains all the energy potential of both plants, while preserving the deliciousness of great coffee. This blend, far from detracting from the natural taste of coffee lifts it to new heights and to an unforgettable experience. Coffee has been a part of our social way of life for centuries to the point where it is now the leading non-alcoholic socially consumed beverage taken in both formal and informal gatherings. And, for centuries, it has been waking mankind up every morning to face the daily endeavours which have become increasingly dynamic and demanding and also perhaps to get an energy boost late in a long day, or during a long business or work meeting - to talk at length about business or perhaps about life, or maybe just to add some flavour to our day to day life, or simply just to savour the taste. Any way you look at it, coffee is a central part of our dealings and daily life. So that you may never forget the satisfaction you get from great coffee we bring you CAFE AMARANTO - THE WAKING OF MIND AND BODY. 

    We offer you an intelligent choice, a Smart Coffee in this age of Smart Drinks, in this era of inter connectedness and information flow, a time when everything we have and use is "Smart”. Why shouldn't our favourite drink, our coffee also be Smart? We seek your support to allow us to grow and bring our CAFE AMARANTO to every coffee-lover in the world. 

     Delve in depth into all of the benefits of our CAFE AMARANTO on our website: the energy boost, the enhanced mental agility and concentration, the increased performance and output in all activities - data from a whole catalog of the latest and most current research regarding the memory and neurological protectant action these plants offer. 

    CAFE AMARANTO is a coffee with the power of memories and the energy of…

     Coffee is the taste most of us prefer: "THE TASTE OF MEMORIES".

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